My Story

Eighteen years ago the beautiful landscape and mountains of the Karoo inspired me into creativity. This led to an astonishing discovery of talent amongst the people who live on our farm. We have come a long way and today some forty wonderfully skilled women and men are providing for their families as a direct result of this project. Through the years we have evolved into a close knit family and at present we are distributing our products across the planet. We are very proud of the large range of products made by hand in our extensive studio and, if put to close scrutiny, you will find that none of our products are identically finished.

“ I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.” (Einstein)

Our History


My curiousity started as a little girl, before I even started school. I used to paint rocks, make things for my younger sister to play with and be very curious about how things fit together, in order to work.

After school I qualified as a Cordon Bleu Chef, but never pursued this career, as I found myself on the farm Clifton, in Graaff-Reinet in 1995. On the farm we built and renovated old buildings and changed it very successfully , into a Guest Farm as well as wedding venue. This was not enough to stimulate the artistic side in me and having a lot of young women and men without work on the farm, I saw the opportunity to expand my curiousity once again, that would be the “beginning” of my career.


Business got more and we eventually had to start the factory and studio in our beautiful town, Graaff-Reinet. The workers from our farm Clifton came to town with us, to continue working with me. The skills these women and men have learnt over 12 years on the farm, they could eventually pass onto the local people, seeking employment at the Studio.

Today we work together as a close knit family distributing our products world wide. Each item is unique, hand painted, therefor none look the same. Underneath each item you will find the name of the artist who painted it.

Our extended range includes, Hand-painted ceramics, Hand-painted and Hand-printed linen products, Leather handbags and Hand-painted wooden product


Two years ago the urge to take on something new tackled me once again and the shop – ELSONA was born. This is my “Happy Place” the perfect outlet for the Elsona Brand and all things beautiful, from different artists and suppliers get sold here.

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